Feel the Pulse - the Culture Pulse®

Unlike other survey tools, Culture Pulse® goes beyond just data capture to give benchmarking, scoring, target setting and measurement of performance against targets. The system also allows a breakdown of results in any category identified by the client. This can be used to identify issues amongst certain customer groups, or between departments. The information obtained can also provide organisations with an early warning system for key areas of concern.

The Culture Pulse® process enables you to define your ideal culture, benchmark where you are against it, find out what needs improvement and then measure your progress on an ongoing basis.  Our  consultants will work closely with you throughout a process which is 100% customised to your organisation. We will work with you to develop a bespoke questionnaire which is emailed to your key audience (eg staff/ customers/stakeholders) with a link to the web survey. Responses are automatically collated and the results are shown graphically. This allows for instant analysis, measurement and visual display of performance against pre-determined targets.  In summary, the key stages are Define, Benchmark, Improve and Measure:


Key benefits of Culture Pulse®

• Results can be accessed instantly.
• Visual presentation is good for immediate intake of top line results.
• Culture Pulse® does not charge by volume or by question but instead has a comprehensive package of support which allows cost effective high volume utilisation.
• Each survey is 100% customised.
• Surveys can be linked to key performance indicators, strategic priorities, awards indicators, values or any other measure.
• The scoring system allows a wide variety of applications including benchmarking against your own targets and measurement of improvement once action has been taken.
• Target performance levels can be set, and actual performance can be illustrated against targets.
• Unlimited surveying of staff, customers and stakeholders.
• Results can be used for reporting back to staff, customers and stakeholders. This presents a useful PR mechanism.

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